close up of homemade belgian waffle with nutella, bananas, strawberries, and maple syrup

The Best from Scratch Belgian Waffles Recipe

The perfect, easiest homemade Belgian waffles recipe! Double the recipe and freeze for those mornings when you just don’t have time to make that three-course breakfast. My kids absolutely love homemade Belgian waffles! And let’s be honest, I do too. Not only are they tasty, but when they’re frozen, they make for the quickest breakfast…

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close up of blueberry pie and crust with loose blueberries surrounding pie dish

A Classic, Homemade Blueberry Pie

A yummy, simple homemade blueberry pie is the ultimate definition of summer! Serve at your 4th of July block party, a family BBQ, or make it all for yourself. You deserve to be selfish sometimes! I’ll be the first to admit: I’m not a fan of summer. I know, I know. I’m probably one in…

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